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BGC and CGSS Expertise
Geology and Geophysics (petroleum and CO2 geological storage)
Regional Prospectivity Studies
Database Design, Development and Management
Sequence Stratigraphic Studies
Engineering (reservoir, drilling, pipelines, etc)
Static and Dynamic Reservoir Modelling
New Ventures, Data Rooms (both running and evaluation)
Government Relations
Geographic Information Systems (GIS)
Economic Analysis
Monitoring Design (Seismic, wells and other methods)
BGC and CGSS service clients working in conventional oil and gas, coal seam gas, coal and CO2 geological storage.

Clients range from large multinational corporations to small independents and individuals.

BGC and CGSS aim to be capable of responding to all aspects of a project, either through the direct staff and contractors within the group, or by collaboration through our alliances, associates and partners.

In this way, clients will receive an integrated and consistent product to meet all their needs and requirements.

The core technical competencies of BGC and CGSS are listed below:
BGC and CGSS and Associates Core Technical Competencies
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CO2 Geological Storage Solutions